How do I get started with the ERS Co. Service/Support?   

In order to determine how the ERS Company can best support your needs we request your answers to the following basic questions:  

What are you specifically trying to prove/accomplish?   

Do you think that you could do that through predictive modeling and/or accelerated testing, and particularly through accelerated life testing?  

Do you need to make your viable devices into a reliable product, and would like to have our support on this effort?  

If you are at the early stage of the design of your product, would you like us to pitch in at this stage and make sure that your product, before it is even manufactured, will be reliable, with the predicted and substantiated low probability of failure?    

Decide what you want to prove, accomplish, measure, compare, quantify or confirm, and send us an e-mail message at the links below.

Phone: (+1) (650) 969-1530(+1) (650) 969-1530Cell:      (+1) (408) 410-0886(+1) (408) 410-0886  

Email Us or or complete the form to the right.