ERS Company provides critical science, testing, teaching, and a wide variety of services.  Our scientific services portfolio includes: 

Mechanical ("physical") DESIGN-FOR-RELIABILITY of micro-, opto-electronic and photonic package structures and structural elements (e.g., solder joints) subjected to thermal, mechanical or dynamic (shocks and/or vibrations) loading;

PREDICTIVE MODELING (analytical/"mathematical" and computer-aided/simulation) of the behavior and reliability of micro-, opto-electronic and photonic package structures;

ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS of failures (mechanical, thermal, chemical, electrical, radiation) of micro-, opto-electronic and photonic package structures;

ACCELERATED LIFE TESTING of micro-, opto-electronic and photonic package structures, with subsequent prediction of the probability of failure under the anticipated loading conditions and time of operation.

HALT & HASS TESTING.             
- Shock and vibration (incl. random vibrations, drop and shock, seismic/earthquake, etc.) testing,             
- High and low temperature, and temperature/humidity bias (THB) testing,             
- Thermal shock and temperature (thermal) cycling testing,             
- Testing to meet reliability standard (MIL-STD, JEDEC, Telcordia, etc.) requirements.

MAKING DEVICES INTO PRODUCTS, i.e., making viable content, device or package into a reliable product that meets specifications (JEDEC, Telcordia, etc.);


of the small business innovative research (SBIR) type with other companies and universities;  

TEACHING COURSES on various topics of reliability, materials and mechanical engineering in application to micro-, opto-electronic and photonic systems;   CONSULTING SERVICES.